See below some projects we did for other clients.

We have chosen from each style so you can make an idea about:

  • how your video can look like
  • what it can be build
  • how  other clients build their scripts
  • how the voice overs give a more exciting and professional style to the video
  • how the music merge with the Voice Overs
  • a few soundtracks from our collection
  • the length of the video, which can vary from only 60 seconds up to eve 10 or 15 minutes
  • the used font; any color and size; can be hand written or printed font style
  • background color

We recommend to each client to provide his own Voice Over!

Here is a marketplace with a lot of actors that records only in a professional style:


Of course, we can also provide a voice over record after your script:

We have a collection of Royalty Free background music tracks,

but we can not provide licenses for commercial use,

so we recommend to purchase the one that best fits client’s style from this marketplace:




See FULL Portfolio on our new website:


Client WeSocialMen:


Client Nustech:


Client Obama:


Client MyPetAlert:


Client InvestorLeads:




Client EZ-Waves:


Client Carol Garcia:


Client SharcOnHold:




Client Venren:


Client The Morning After Pill:


Client TA:


Client Support Machines:


Client Paul Hype Page:


Client Slo Realty:


Client Shop 4 me:


Client Idee Plus Geld:


Client RICH RYAN V2:


Client Rachael C.:


Client Promo Cast:


Client Princess Linda:


Client Prestige Cars:


Client Prestige Cars V2 -mixed (Using Video In Video Style and editing with After effects)


Client Nediter Marketing:


Client Mosquito Free:


Client Money Capsules:


Client MLM-Online:


Client Level Up To Pro:


Client Lase Gum Dentist:


Client Josh Rodriguez:


Client It’s On Me:


Client Indy Home Match:


Client Iden Group:


Client i2i Services:


Client Hillis Jaffe:


Client Generation 54:


Client GC Health Products-V1:


Client GC Health Products-V2:


Client Ekatender:


Client D-Punch:


Client Chani Berkovits:


Client Autohired:




Client Aroma Clean:


Client AmCro Electric:






Client 4term:


Client HeronPlay: