We offer 3 Price Options, but please note that the prices are flexible! They are not fixed, we always negotiate in particular with each client.

Before you decide for any of this 3 options, please write to us so we can negotiate a price & delivery deadline for your custom project.


You need to provide:

-> Script in Text Document Format

-> any materials you want included into your video,

     like logos, pictures, screenshots, videos, etc…

-> Your Own Voice Over (This is Optional)

                   You may not want/have an audio record, but you may like only music in background, no voice; that’s OK, it’s up to you.

                   If you don’t have a Voice Over, you may Order one from this actors:

                   We can also record your script, but only in this 2 options:

and this will be EXTRA CHARGED and added to video’s prices.


price table-04